Lost Moments

MDMA for PTSDSitting down he looks to the West
Smiles his silent smile that nobody knows
Watching the stars alight and then rest
He recalls his life as sitcom shows
He sips his coffee and lights a smoke
Thinking of things he dare not say,
A car passing offers a poke
And reminds him to think anyway…

Back he goes in lost moments
Wondering at choices,
Things now make so much sense
Despite haunting voices…
Revisiting crossroads cold and dark
Reliving lost moments clear and stark
The path to hell paved with good intentions
The path still has no dissension…

And in all, he returns to the passing car
His gaze pierces through it in a stare
Years ago he would look at a star
By now he knows that they’re all there
And he wonders what will happen
And still doesn’t care,
He wonders what happened then
The smile leaves and visits air…

Lots of things in the past, been lucky and not
Lots of time passed in just a few years
Had it all and gave up all he got
And gained a view of what’s really dear.
People have come, people have went
Time has passed and still it stays
Letters written, none sent
Thoughts he weighs
To words he lent.

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