Time - The long dark Tea Time of the SoulSitting in the coffee-shop
He writes, inhales deeply
On the cigarette just lit,
Sipping on his tea

It is Earl Gray, sugar
To sweeten the warm tea,
Cream to add body,
Yet it isn’t the same tea
He loves.

He doesn’t like the cigarette,
Dislikes it but likes the habit,
Thinking of the work he likes
As he silently ponders
His working habit.

Tired, Mentally drained, physically
Alive, he sits,
He writes,
He drinks, he smokes

Safer alone, no conflict
After a day of conflict. The
Conversation of business
Grates on his nerves

Butterfly farms and restaurant yarns
Birdseed worries and
Butterfly scurries
Mean nothing, so
Little to him.

So he sits,
Drinks his tea,
Smokes his cigarette
And writes
The last line of this poem.

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