Writing Advice From The Mirror

Tel Aviv HotelSo you write.

So does… everyone else out here on the Internet. I’m not kidding. It’s true. It’s real. And for the most part, it’s a little disturbing to see what comes exploding out in pixels from the minds of some people.

So, you’re original.

Yes, yes, the world is full of originality. The dodo was original for it’s time. In fact, every dead species was unique in it’s own way – which is, oddly enough, why they’re dead. The point is being original is not enough.

So, you’re authentic.

The world is full of authentic people, with authentic perspectives, and they are expressing them at a rate almost as disturbing as some of the perspectives. But really, being authentic is also not enough or more people would have read this little blog post.

So, you’re not popular?

Cry me a river. We can’t all be Stephen King or Dan Brown or… we simply can’t all be that. We all have, at least to some extent, an equal opportunity, but success is not an equal opportunity thing. It’s simple math. Think of how many people in the world are doing something, then think of how many people you think are successful at it.

And then success – well, there’s monetary, and then there’s the stuff that people are reading hundreds and even thousands of years later. There’s the stuff that gets likes on Facebook or retweeted on Twitter, and then there’s the stuff people refer to when they want serious answers.

So, you’re popular?

Good for you. If pleasing the masses is what gets your goat fed, feed that goat. If you’re happy doing it, I’m amazed that you read this far. You should go write some more stuff instead of reading this.

Just write, will ya?


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