The Feline Meeting

business_meet_121125“I’ve come up with a way to skin the cat.”, said the junior software engineer at the end of his presentation. “It won’t take much in the way of resources, and we can have it done within a week.”

The senior software engineer studied the blueprint of the cat, glancing up and around, then back to the blueprint. He looked up again, around, then fixing his gaze on the junior software engineer said, “Using your method, we can only skin the cat once since the cat will then be dead. Are there any other ways to skin the cat? There’s usually more than one way.”

Another software engineer chimed in, “Well, we could re-skin the cat as we de-skin it.”

Everyone looked at him, puzzled, and the junior software engineer said, “So we won’t be actually skinning the cat?”

“No, no, we can get the skin of the cat while encapsulating it in another ‘skin'”, she said, using her fingers to make fingerquotes.

“That’s interesting.”, said the manager.

“So we use this process, but we use another process to re-skin the cat, and we can customize the skin to be what the owner of the cat wants?”, asked the saleswoman, immediately seeing a new market.

“But then we’ll be stuck with a skin of lesser market value, wouldn’t we?”, asks the business analyst.

The new CTO, exasperated, looks around the table. “No one here has yet shown me why we should skin the cat in the first place.”

The CEO looks over, “Well, I asked them if we could do it.”



“I read it in a magazine article on the plane and we could get venture capital if we found a way to do it.”

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