The Creative Space

Tribute to creativityPeople have ideas about creativity and most of them aren’t very creative. Others are creative but impractical. And so here I am, considering how to create my own creative space.

Given the opportunity has finally arisen to do it, I find it a daunting task. Sure, you can design something you like today – but tomorrow it may not be that great. Longevity is an issue.

And then there’s the part of me that also understands that a space by itself doesn’t generate creativity. I’m a big fan of motion, myself – a drive, a walk, a run, a swim, anything where I move around and things, therefore, move around me. A camera is good for that, circling around to get a nice shot… and so it is with writing. So it is with any creativity.

And then we get to the people we surround ourselves with. There are those that stimulate us for short periods, there are those that challenge us and make us grow for longer periods.

So, I have ideas of how I’m going to handle this creative space… and the main idea is not to plan it, and to fumble through it as I go along.

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