So, there’s this sourdough bread I found at a local store, and I like it a lot.
The texture is perfect. If you toast it, the inside retains it’s inner texture while the outside becomes toasted – something I consider ‘proper toast’, which commercial breads generally don’t make well because they are mainly… air, and they dry faster in toasters, and they come out with the chewing texture of poorly made bricks – brittle, and a hint at something one could throw a rock at and just miss being bread.
Proper toast your teeth love. First, there is a satisfying crunch when it is toasted, as well as enough resistance for your jaw to slow ever so slightly. This makes for happy incisors. The bread then gets chewed, and all the way to the molars, the texture rolls over them in a wave of happiness.
This, I did not realize, is important to me. Almost 50 years on the planet and I had no idea that this was important to me. All those years of eating stuff accused of being bread by overzealous marketing departments.
So, thinking about all of this, I stared at myself in my mental mirror and gasped at the sight of someone I see more distant than I had thought.

Who is this guy, and where has he been?

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