Breaking Out.

I don’t know what’s going on in the world today. I know, but I don’t know.

It’s in my nature to try to write something productive, something that has some sort of impact however small for however small an audience. To point out wrongs, to show what would be closer to right. Yet these past few years since the pandemic started, I have been… paused. In every sentence I have found a judge.

I’ll find threads and pull on them. For example, this whole pandemic mess: Simply because it astounds people that some little virus could wreak such havoc throughout our species on the globe, we had and have people looking for something or someone to blame.

It’s the equivalent of stepping in shit in your yard and suddenly noticing the neighbor’s dog peaking through the window at you. You don’t know it was the dog, but he sure looks…. happy.

“Bastard. It must be his.”

You don’t know that, but hey, that was definitely shit.

Really, we shouldn’t be surprised, should we? Some smart people predicted it, but they also predicted a lot of stuff that wasn’t true. We have this population of humans that just keeps spreading, we keep more and people alive longer, and we’re somehow surprised that something said, “Hey, let’s take those incubators for a riiiiiiiiiiide, man….”

We’re walking ecosystems, ask any doctor- we have our own flora and fauna, and when we get out of balance, we’re sick in some way. Generally, we’re too stupid to even understand that, so caught up in this artificial ecosystem of economy, where what you can buy defines not just who you are, but how well you’re treated, how long you live, and who you have children with. Slaves to our own machine, a twist on Thoreau which isn’t a twist because we largely have become the tools of our tools.

We don’t have time to get sick. We got stupid stuff to do. Sisyphus asked you to pick up his dry cleaning. Icarus needs you to pick up some Gorilla glue.

There’s just so much going wrong to take in. People who apparently never got hit with a science book are arguing with scientists but are dismayed when atheists who have been repeatedly hit with religious texts argue with the religious. It’s a ridiculous society we have. Where are the real critics of society? Where are the people who were supposed to be keeping us honest, or at least within spitting distance of honesty?

Where do we even start?

Where do I even start?

Well. I have a few ideas.

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