Dead Squirrels.

2392076517_9356f45514_wYou pack, you leave, you go.
You arrive, you unpack, you stay.
This is the way I have known how to live for most of my life.
Most people stay where they live for the majority of their lives, watching time slowly change their environment – so slowly that most are unaware that their environment has changed, and that the world outside of their living area has changed. It is not a bad way to live; I have tried it and it is comfortable and reassuring to do the same things in the same places over and over. There’s a rhythm to it that lacks the urgency of connecting flights and the dodging through aggravatingly leisure humans in airports.

And then there are some of us who are most comfortable in motion, and even as we grow older we find a comfort in that motion – a familiarity of movement as we find ways to other parts of the planet. Sometimes we return to the same spots after periods of times and see what has changed, and sometimes we return to the same spots after periods of time and find nothing has changed. But we have changed, or should have.

When we stay still for however long and do not improve things in an area, however small, we have wasted that part of our life. There is a difference between running from things and running to things, and these are easily confused because even while different, they are the same and are subject only to how we view things.

We are odd little creatures, not unlike squirrels playing in a backyard, goofing off. We feel bad for the squirrel that lays in the road hit by a car because we assign some form of intentionality to it. In the end, the consequences are the same. It’s how they live that matters.

Like us. Life is for the living.

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