Solar System hurtling through the galaxyWe believe we’re somewhere we’re not because we already left.

When we’re very young it doesn’t really matter, because we have less of a ‘distance’ to look back on. We believe we’re safe when we’re not, and we get hurt – and we learn, a landmark. We can be hurt by this, by that, and plenty of the other. In fact, it’s not too outrageous to think that Life is a porcupine turned inside out with barbs ready for us at every turn. This is where the metaphorical umbilical cord introduces the narratives.

But somewhere in our minds, we lose track of where we actually are and instead think of our younger selves. Every now and then, something prompts us about it – so we, of course, deny it until it blatantly catches up with us.

By the time this happens, something has already started as we spiral and push toward a destination we do not quite know other than general directions. Like the very planet we are stuck to.

This scales to be even weirder at a societal level.

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