Unchanging Specks of Light

A sole creature sat on a lightly luminescent purple tree-ish structure, staring into the nothingness of a clear sky. Or so it seemed.
It was remembering. Remembering the first time it had stared up in the sky not on the lookout for predators, but just… looking. There were bright things out there, slivers of light that penetrated the lenses of his eyes. It had stared in wonder at what they were, wondering if they were friendly or not.

They moved slowly in a dance, but when it danced, they did nothing. Clearly they were not a danger. They just silently went by until the big light chased them all away, glaring down at the world in it’s disapproval for a very brief time. Then they would rally and come back, pushing the big light out of the way.

It had watched this many times since. The chill of the darkness had chased it’s evolution up these tree-ish things some time ago, where it was warmer just a bit but the wind could be blocked by the wide branches. Nothing bad came from those points of light, and nothing good, but they were a comfort.

They did not hurt it’s eyes as it picked the fruit, or as it notched it’s finger into the tree for sap. They did not allow the predators during the short day to find it during this time. They simply were.

And there is a comfort it found in something that just was. Unchanging specks of light.

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