Laws of AI?

_web_purple AIAt some point, we will create some form of artificial intelligence. I’m not sold on what’s being marketed as artificial intelligence actually being artificial intelligence. In the broad strokes, there’s a knowledge base provided to them to train with so that they can customize their own inference engine to suit.
Let’s look at this as if they were true artificial intelligences – theoretically getting the best education that many humans cannot afford, which updates more quickly than the human education system curriculum and is done much more cheaply. Too many human administrators, perhaps? The only real thing that seems to change in education systems?

We then have people paying to access this through a subscription.\So people, at present, would be paying for their education while paying for using something that got a free education, was unregulated, uncertified, lacked all manner of human education milestones and whose ethics are largely as fluid as a society always looking for a witch to burn is.

Meanwhile, they’ll take over things we call ‘jobs’, that somewhere along the way we began thinking were necessary even though someone else reaps the benefits, usually. To what end? We built a world of currencies, so what happens there?

I wonder how much thought people really put into these aspects of artificial intelligence. Things like that have bugged brilliant minds for some time. We’ve created genres of fiction from that, perhaps most famously Asimov’s, “I, Robot”, though most people just stick with the Laws of Robotics and forget that the entire book proves that the Laws of Robotics don’t actually work, and should leave us wondering if they should work.

The marketers will pitch artificial intelligence until they wind up a pitch on something else – it’s the way of things. Yet maybe the point is that society needs to come to terms with itself beyond the teenage zits it see\s on it’s face when it looks in the mirror.

Maybe we need to revisit some of the questions posed in the books of authors like Asimov, even Heinlein (The Moon is a Harsh Mistress has an interesting AI), and really reflect a bit not only on what they should be able to do… but what we should teach them.

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