Code of my demeanor

I found this new blogger, and this piece as well as the others are worth a visit.

the revived soul

Are all human beings not connected with each other?
We all are made of the same material,nevertheless,
there are idiosyncratic differences.
But the greatest distinguishments are -
The ones who are capable of understanding language but not of speaking words , and the ones ,
who speak without comprehending .

A language is indescribable ,
it consists innumerable motifs , gestures and dialects .
But does it have the power to demonstrate the feelings of failure after labour, discrimination, desultory truths , and ,
vomiting butterflies,
after a transient period of delight.

By adoring the moon , every being
feels intense peace and tranquility.
But to me ,
The phases of the lunar cycle reminds me of my ,
Incompetent incompleteness , but ;
Brings positivity thereby making me whole and complete.

When conversing with my inner self
I only see ruin and damage ,
brought by other people ;

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