The Curiosity Habit.

_web_Curious BoyGrowing up in the 1970s in suburban Ohio, we had back yards and places we could get to with our bicycles that allowed us a sense of freedom curtailed only by street lights. I recall being more afraid of what my father would do if I got hurt more than any actual hurt, so my friends and I had to be careful.

Within suburbia, the houses hiding under different colors of paint all looked the same, for the most part. Trees were different in yards, and required inspection as far up them as we could get, with bird’s nests and cocoons among the many hidden treasures we found.

Trees. Bugs. Magnifying glasses. Microscopes. Chemistry sets. It was a golden age of exploration for we of that time.

For some, it died. Maybe it was displaced by structured education systems. Maybe the pursuit of red dots gave us no time to do it. But many of us lost that curiosity of the world and we found the best way to understand it was static, unchanging, when the world is dynamic and changing.

When’s the last time you indulged your curiosity? Aren’t you overdue? Go explore something.

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