Friends and Readers.

I’m connected to a lot of people on the Internet of different cultures, religions, political ideologies and lengths of nose hair. I do not have empirical evidence of the latter, so let’s call that a theory. I digress.

When I publish something – anything – on the Internet, I find my connections may like something I write but not share it. That implies they don’t think it’s worth sharing. It’s sort of like having a hot dog stand where people you know walk by and say, “that’s nice” and wander off in search of hamburgers, rotis, and sauteed goat testicles.

It doesn’t really matter to them. They don’t like hot dogs, or the algorithms that decide what they see think they don’t like hot dogs enough.

Fortunately, I’m not selling hot dogs.

I could go off and write stuff that would engage my eclectic arrangement of acquaintances I’ve collected over the course of a lifetime, some in real life through real world experiences and some through online experiences. Some may just think that you’re already awesome and that you don’t want your content shared. Some may find you the guilty pleasure that they don’t share with their own audiences.

Friends are not necessarily readers. Readers are not necessarily friends. We’re lucky when people are both.

I’ve recently been writing more frequently online again, and I am not one to write in a niche about a particular topic. I like to mix topics, swirl them around with the abandon of a naked abstract artist spinning around to fling paint on the canvases of the world, decorating a piece of time. It can be disheartening at times when people who you know are posting things others have written about the same things. Maybe they’re ignoring you, maybe not.

It doesn’t really matter when you write as an outlet rather than writing for an audience. That’s the key difference.

So, I have noted I have gained more readers, and I’d like to thank you for your time and interest. I wander around when you have websites and look at your stuff too, leaving comments and even riffing with some of your stuff.

I’m having fun. I hope you are too. Don’t be afraid to comment!

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