It’s not often that I’ll write about a movie, but “Discontinued” seems to deserve it. Granted, the lead character, played by Ashley Hutchinson, reminded me in some ways of at least one person I once knew.

If you’ve lived long enough to have had to reinvent yourself because the ‘world’ as you know it is ending, this is a nice comedy-drama that shows a character wandering around in a simulation that smells slightly of Douglas Adams.

The idea that the world is a simulation isn’t new, of course. In that regard, this is like the Matrix without the action. Yet it’s a very human story, with an actress who made the character come to life in ways that honestly amazed me, along the lines of Tom Hanks in Castaway.

Of course, in Castaway, Tom Hanks character was alone on an island. In Discontinued, the lead character, Sarah, is alone in crowds.

The writing was great for this. The acting, from the lead character to the raving psychiatrist (Robert Picardo) to the ubiquitous Guide (Langston Fishburne), there is much to enjoy and even more to consider in a world that constantly reinvents itself… maybe faster than we can reinvent ourselves.

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