Since I’m down to one face

I have been spending way too much time on Facebook trying to convince friends and acquaintances that I have written something of worth, sharing my ideas with the world to people who don’t seem to like or share. This is likely also a factor of Facebook algorithms, and paying to get a post noticed when you’re not earning money from the post is…


It’s also kind of weird when people like the post but don’t share it. It’s sort of like the person that their mind is having an affair with. Is it too much to be willing to share? Maybe.

I have a Facebook page that automatically links stuff from RealityFragments (here) and KnowProSE.com. The same happens with my Twitter account, which I still have despite Musk and his Muskovites. I’ll be paying attention to that instead.

There’s too much time wasted on Facebook and whether for algorithmic reasons or defective connection reasons, the net sum is the same: I’ll mainly stay on the blogs, decorating pieces of time with what time I have left.

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