One Face.

Clearly, I’m back to writing online.

There are a few reasons why I had not written as much the last years. Some were health related – 2 surgeries, possibly with a side order of depression.

Another reason was confusing my friends with readers, where friends might like what I wrote and not share it, or not even read it in the first place. That can be frustrating when you’re on social media, reading what a friend posted with a link to an article that looks amazingly like something you wrote but didn’t. That’s a bit annoying.

There’s not much to be done about those reasons, but there were other reasons related to who I am, what I think about, what I write, and getting the mechanics of it to all work together. has been my original site, and it evolved over decades. Had it not been for Bluehost screwing up my backups, there would have been a lot more in that site. I lost years of stuff I wrote on that, and because of that I do not recommend them at all. That was certainly a knife to the chest, but statistically I am unimportant to them, just as any individual user is. Lesson learned.

I tried a variety of ‘side sites’. Because was more technical, I found it necessary to break off in a way where was left brained (analytical), and the side sites were right brained. Of course, the theory for left brain/right brain is antiquated now, or should be because of neuroplasticity – and the reason I bring that up is because by speaking of them separately, we enforce a divide that isn’t necessarily there.

The idea that one can be creative and analytical is a matter of chutes, in my experience. In secondary school, I was great at literature and sciences, but they shoved me into the science chute – maybe because I failed art despite my keen stick figures and last minute water paintings that were still wet when I handed them in. It was decided for me that I would be a ‘sciency’ sort of person, and I embraced that with computers because when nobody else will listen to you when you’re growing up… at least a computer is predictable and will do what you say.

The truth is, I would find years later, that I could be both in a world that wouldn’t allow you to be both. And so it was with online writing, where one is supposed to write about the same shit over and over again to drive traffic so that… so that what? Well, friendly reader, so that you can be ‘successful‘, whatever that means.

During the dot com boom, 1 of 300 sites did well and survived. That didn’t stop everyone from drinking the Kool-Aid, with quite similar results with the exception that some people spent millions of dollars on bad ideas that someone happily took their money for to build something that wouldn’t last. Planned obsolescence that the owner wasn’t aware of that churned them into statistics with no happy ending.

All the while I was learning something important. Something which, had I pursued humanities more despite the chute bureaucracies shoved me in, should have been learned much earlier. I didn’t have 2 faces. I didn’t have multiple faces. I have one face.

This is to say we all appear different to others, but what they see isn’t our face as much as how they see our face. Life is indeed a costume party, and so I decided not to be ashamed of attending life with my real face. Say what you wish of me, and there are some that do…

I’m authentically me.

Which gets us back to the writing, the two sites, etc. I’ve created a division of content that is merging, and it seems to be working so I’ll just follow that path. There are no hard rules to it, as both sites are different views of the same face.

And finally, I think that the key problem – me – is finally figuring that out.

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