Feynman’s Flower

A recurring conundrum I have had in life is the way the world demands I be technological/scientific or creative. It does not allow for both, neatly filing people into categories that can define them for life.

At least in my lifetime, it has seemed that way. At least, in my life, it has seemed that way.

If you’re creative, you’re considered irrational, emotional, and that you lack objective to those in the scientific/technological camp.

If you’re scientific/technological, you’re considered rational, distant, cold and inhumane to creative people.

The people I’ve enjoyed the most in my life have been both.

It’s not a surprise, then, that I found that someone had taken Richard Feynman’s conversation about flowers and made a video of it that suited it perfectly – one that to me was something that I always explained to my mother, the creative, but couldn’t quite get through to my father, the more engineering minded.

Enjoy it below.

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