Safe Spaces.

I heard someone talking about a ‘safe space’ today, and I don’t know what they mean. There is no place that is safe. There’s always something out there to hurt or offend, something out there willing to do some form of harm to you.

Even in solitude, one isn’t truly safe. In fact, it seems most people are more afraid of a place of solitude than being surrounded by people coddling them and unwilling to put some form of yoke on them.

Expectations. Aspirations.

This is not to say that places cannot be acceptably safe for someone, but the safety is generally an illusion. People you trust are the only ones who can betray you, while a bird is comfortable on the weakest of branches not because it is stupid or because it is fortunate.

The bird is on that branch and unworried not because it is confident of the branch, but because it is confident of it’s wings.

One does not become confident without adversity. The only true safe space is building up confidence – not the false sort, but the one that truly comes from adversity.

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