The Next Writing Project

Starting today, the 22nd of May, I’ll be embarking on a new writing project – a new stab at a novel.

Over the course of the last weeks in particular, I’ve re-energized this blog and the one over on, doing posts daily and sometimes with a little extra. This will continue. There will be scheduled posts, and I’ll check in on comments and such as I can throughout the day without interrupting myself.

I’ll take a moment and thank all those who are following and have subscribed, whether because you enjoy my writing or because you enjoy some of the eclectic things I’ve written about.

Generally speaking, I’m trying to write about my time being a human here, and all that it entails, and more systemic stuff on They’re mixing now a bit as technology increasingly mixes the two, but they won’t merge.

For those of you whose writing I enjoy, whose writing I reference, etc, my interactions will continue but will be more condensed.

What am I writing about? Well, it’s a stab at an original science fiction novel that doesn’t follow the formulaic crap out there, something I would want to read. Will it be any good? Hell, I dunno.

I just gotta do it.

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