Juggled Eggs

No More BreaksA word of honor broken,
A home that was never filled.
Betrayal of a friendship,
A small and bitter pill.

Cyanide seeps through the veins
Of a friendship gone astray.
Damaged cells relay nerve’s pain,
An anguish words can’t say.

Embitterment cloves friendship
With such a sullen blow –
Waves created rock and dip
The feelings never show.

The feelings cannot show.

Compromised Betrayals

Nightmare of JudahSome say compromise is noble
But “not at the cost of betrayal”
Remains unsaid…
Lost to those captive in books.

The water compromises, seeking
Paths of least resistance –
Yet it never betrays itself.
To be water is to be understood.

People compromise, seeking
Paths of least resistance
And betray themselves –
To be human is to be misunderstood.