Group dynamics and energy transfers
Discussions turn into argument disasters
Passion and passion with
Intellectual black and blue,
There are no concessions
In the egotistical lawsuit.

The rhetoric flies and the words are spat –SharksCaffeine filled people do caffeine filled acts,
The observer puts distance between them and eye
The viewpoint shifts, discussion becomes benign
Voices fade, body language viewed –
Animals constrained to coffee table zoo.

Cigarettes are lit after voices are raised
Coffee is ordered in a bloodshot daze.
The voices lower, agree to disagree
Situation defused, the anger abates
Discussion now gently speaks of debate,
And that’s the part people really hate.

Compromised Betrayals

Nightmare of JudahSome say compromise is noble
But “not at the cost of betrayal”
Remains unsaid…
Lost to those captive in books.

The water compromises, seeking
Paths of least resistance –
Yet it never betrays itself.
To be water is to be understood.

People compromise, seeking
Paths of least resistance
And betray themselves –
To be human is to be misunderstood.