The Day After Yesterday

Neutron Star Merger and the Gravity Waves it ProducesIt all links together, each fragment

catching on the last, a stream

A moving entity, a segment

catching on the last, a stream

A decision here, a sentiment

catching on the last, a stream

A start here, a moment

catching on the last, a stream

A day here, a present

catching on the last, a stream.

Just written; 2016.

Time Lost


The cradle robs
The hand that rocks it,
The essence runs through them
Like water…
Dashing through,
Hitting the floor,
It splashes,
It forms a pool
Reflecting the hands
That once held it.


Away from Ohio,
Wearing a uniform that stinks of
Mothballs, sweat
And burned starch.
The work-shoes sparkle as
Stray light glances
Through the glass door.
Images flicker on these black screens.
Gurneys flash to one from the other as
The sounds from well-oiled wheels filter in
(The audience is listening)
The clock stops
Little hand on 2, long past 3,
A voice echoes.
“Time of Death:
2:17 a.m.”
Motion stops as the clock moves again,
And in the background, a near whisper:
‘And his dog’s name was Odie.’